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Blood Pressure

Are you one of the 1.5 billion people
who suffer from high or low blood pressure?

App reviews


Nice clean interface, very intuitive.Recommend!

No complaints

Did just what I wanted it to. No sign up for any extra services or anything.

Best app

Best app

Blood Pressure Tracker is ideal for those who wish to track and monitor their blood pressure and heart rate. It is important to remember that controlling these parameters can prevent atherosclerosis, strokes (cerebrovascular accidents), cardiovascular accidents (heart attacks), vision loss and kidney failure.

Synchronize your data between different iOS and Android devices. This way, your data can, for example, be added on the iPhone and viewed on the iPad, or on an Android device.
Multiple users
Do you share your devices with your family or friends? Add new users to the application. Each user can set their goals and enter their data.
Evaluation values
The systolic and diastolic blood pressure are flagged with three different colors (green, yellow and red), to indicate if the values added are within the normal reference range for healthy adult individuals.
Send data
Export your data to your doctor or other healthcare professional. Play it safe, in addition to synchronization, make regular backups by exporting data via email, preventing its loss.
Import data
Imports your data from other tools/applications, from email, Google Drive or Dropbox.
Intuitive graphs
The input values of blood pressure and heart rate are introduced and represented by graphs, which allow a better perception of progress.
Lock data
Protect your data from the prying eyes of family and friends with a 4-digit passcode. Nobody can access your data without first entering the passcode you set.